September Life Update – Game Time


Hello, I thought I’d end up writing about the uncertainty of my job as my contract ended yesterday, but now I have good news. For those who haven’t kept up with my work situation, or forgot, I’d advise reading July & August before reading the next part.

My boss has presented his case about the future & value of my team (& my own role) to his own boss &, from what I can tell, he has no problem with me going part-time. Now we’re just waiting for those above him to approve. This could take a while since apparently there’s a backlog of matters they must see to first.

In the meantime, he has given me a 3 month extension on a part-time basis. I haven’t received any actual paperwork for this yet, but it’s agreed between us that my standard days for the rest of this year starting next week are Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday; with days changing to suit the needs of the team as they arise.

So yep, it’s kinda official now – I’m no longer working full-time. Yeays!! Continue reading

Some RPG Maker notes


I’ve recently been thinking about how I could approach the default RPG Maker VX Ace system differently, particularly combat, to make things easier for me. What does the design suggest & what is the best way it could be utilized? I feel I’ve made some of these points before, so sorry if there’s a sense of deja vu here.

Battle Test Continue reading

RM Hack’n Slash – Developing Concept 3.3


Progress at last! I’ve come up with some initial statistics for the player characters that I’m happy with. I haven’t done any playtesting yet so they’re prone to change.

Spreadsheet of initial class statistics.

Spreadsheet of initial class statistics.

I can’t believe I only thought to use Excel last week; made the process much clearer :P.

I’ve included the formulas I decided on, plus some initial stats for equipment to get an idea of how much they will affect attributes. I haven’t issued values for Ability Points since it depends on what abilities the classes have, which I’ve yet to figure out. Continue reading

RM Hack’n Slash – Developing Concept, Part 1


Hello, I’ve done some more work on my first original RPG Maker project. I’ve setup a couple of project pages where I’ve put the below information for future reference (future steps will of course be recorded there as well). To remind you of what this is, here it is in a nutshell:

The game is a short hack’n slash RPG about a group of mercenaries sent to reclaim a haunted town. Gameplay will be typical of most turn-based JRPG & RPG Maker games. As they explore the town, they will have to survive random encounters with spirits & the odd special encounter.

Following the development framework I assembled, the most immediate process will go like this:

  • Develop Concept
    1. User stories & requirements
    2. Tasks & analysis
    3. Design theme
    4. Dialogue Diagrams
  • Physical Prototype

It is easy to put something together in RPG Maker & skip the physical prototype entirely, but I think it’s worth going through the process & getting some practise. I’ll explain each of these steps, & any new future ones, as I go. Continue reading

Brainstorming the Next Project(s)


Hello, I’ve been thrown off a bit this week because WINZ has finally contacted me about my job hunt results & I need to prepare to see them next week (by the way, yes I’m still unemployed). I am making progress with the stretch goals for the Stealth Unity tutorial but that’s not what this post is about. I want to wait until I’ve tried them all before I do a post about my results.

So, with all of the tutorials technically done, now what? Continue reading

Project Framework, Pt. 2


Hello, I’ve finally gotten around to combining the frameworks I described in a previous post.

I decided to use the Game Design Workshop process as the base since it’s designed specifically for game development. From there I tried to figure out where the steps from the Agile Development Framework might fit in. Here’s what I think the framework becomes when you combine the two: Continue reading