August Life Update – Not Quite Yet?


Hello, I actually wrote this out in a single afternoon.

This month I’ve become more weary of working full-time & was looking forward to a change in situation, but this last week has been kinda weird for me in an oddly ironic way.

My contract was set to end this coming week & it occurred to me that I hadn’t taken any leave since April. I’d asked about the leave I’d accumulated & was advised to simply sit on it for now. The policy is I’d be paid out for any annual leave I haven’t taken, but this wasn’t the case for sick leave. I’d been advised to simply use it since I hadn’t actually taken any sick days. My plan was to use it to make this current weekend extra long & go visit my parents + dogs in Te Anau again.

Well, this past week my body decided now was the time of the year to be sick.

Last weekend I somehow strained my rib (from laughing too much?) which caused a sharp pain every time I inhaled. It wasn’t until Monday that I was able to see a doctor & be on pain killers for a few days (that’s a first), but I immediately got the flu & a really sore throat (damn diseased flatmates). Now my main concerns are a flemy cough & what seems to be laryngitis.

So I ended up taking sick days for actually being sick, which might have been a good thing. My team is in the midst of redefining it’s role in the company which could take till mid-October to determine. Since my boss doesn’t want to lose me in the interim, my contract has been extended by an extra month. Its still full-time (ugh) but at least it shows they want to keep me around. I really hope it doesn’t drag on any longer though; the working class lifestyle feels too bleak to me.

Aside from that, I’ve been dedicating most weekends towards a campaign handout for a D&D campaign. I’ve ended up writing three pages so far & I’m not quite done. I want this to include as much as I can so that players can get into the campaign knowing what the world is (without spoiling too much) & what to expect from me. I realize it might be much for my players but I want them to at least understand what’s going.

However now I’m a bit conflicted. I want to get the handout done, dusted, & sent out already but I’m a slow writer & I feel myself waning towards other projects, like game coding. I’ve been inspired (again) by games like the old Deus Ex, Thief, & System Shock games (even Divinity: Original Sin) where the gameplay involves utilizing in-world systems to form immersive simulations (something I wish was more prevalent in games today). It’s made me think about concepts like “enemy” factions that aren’t just there to kill you but have “real reasons” for what they do. Some may be warlike marauders but others may just be defending themselves or are in desperate need of a resource; some may actually be pacifist.

I’m not sure if I want to split myself between these two things right now.

Anyway that’s my short spiel of the month done.


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