Update + Possible Dream Series



I should be posting about the game I created over the course of three weeks in June, but that’s not what this is about. The game is working & complete-sh (to me its just a proof of concept demo, it doesn’t have everything I wanted to do), I just haven’t bothered to do anything with it since finishing last semester. Maybe I’ll post about this later.

Moon Child

Evidence of game.

I’ve just returned to polytechnic after a three week break of doing nothing… initially.

I can’t remember how this started but, over a week ago I emailed a dream to my flatmates. I kinda treated it as a creative writing exercise. They seemed to really like it so I sent them another one. Then another one. I think the first couple dreams I shared was added to a zine.

The same guy mentioned there might be an audience for this & I realized – I have about seven years worth of material, with more to come in the future. Maybe I could turn this into a series of some kind. Continue reading

Animation – Gust Cat


Hello, got my animation done.

This was done over the course of about 3-4 weeks for my animation course. Created using Photoshop, & features a combination of rotoscoping (of myself), key frame, & frame-by-frame drawn animation.

This is my first animation project using a drawing tablet &, despite not having all the scenes I wanted, I’m happy with how this turned out. Unfortunately I don’t have my workbook so I can’t show my process for this (though I could just edit it into this post later if I can be bothered… :\ hmm).

I can’t remember where the sounds came from, only that they’re free. If given more time I would have liked to come up with my own SFX, but I left audio until the hand-in day (I also would have liked to hand-draw everything frame-by-frame to really give this a more dreamy feel). Maybe I’ll do a redux version later.

Anyway, here’s a dream I had:

This was quite fun to do over my break period (even if frame-by-frame drawing does cause my hand to cramp). Maybe I’ll create more animations based on my dreams.

Now to disappear for about 10 weeks again.


Design: Saharasha Part 2



I think I have my final design for the bird. I ended up basing it heavily on the Blue Jay. As the etymology behind the made-up name refers to a “young gazelle”, I wanted to integrate gazelle features into the bird as well. I even tried to combine hooves & talons, though I’m dubious the feet bear any resemblance to hooves.

Aside from drawing both views crooked, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. I had real trouble trying to not smudge the drawings (not sure if I should blame my left hand or the habit of writing left to right for this).

Saharasha 1

Front View

Saharasha 2

Top View

Continue reading

Design: Saharasha Part 1


Hello, I’ve started a new design project.

Whilst the aim of this project is to create a new design for a mythic bird, its so far devolved into doodling random living birds. This is part of the research into coming up with a design I hope would be fairly unique; believable yet intangible (if that even makes sense). Unfortunately I’m going at a snails pace, averaging one doodle every business day. It’s only now that I’ve finished research & will move onto the concept/development portion of the process.

What is Saharasha? Well, some time in late December I… had a dream? More accurately I awoke & could only remember the flashing image of a great bird (like a Roc) with brown feathers & light blue highlights. A name like “Saharasha” stuck in mind. I’m not sure why, but it inspired an idea for a new mythic creature for me; a sort of Phoenix born not from ashes but the waking from a dream. Continue reading

Suddenly LDing Again


Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve done any posts about dreams. This is because I’ve been forgetting virtually all of them for the past while, until recently. Not only is my recall suddenly much better, I’ve been able to become lucid much sooner than I typically do. So this post is about the two most recent LDs I’ve had (the first set in a school, the second in a ‘physics test level’) & how I realized/remembered how life-like dreams can be (this is long read). Continue reading

Dream Characters


It’s widely agreed that dream characters are just aspects of ourselves. If so, I wonder what my characters say about me?

I’ve often dreamed of people I know in waking life or of characters from existing media. In rare cases, the person I know is dead or even a clone of myself. But I wonder the most about characters I just seem to spontaneously invent. Some include:

  • Playing as an indigo ninja from Mortal Kombat with ghostly powers
  • A pair of mail-women that turn into banshees when I become lucid
  • A goth woman who threw me into a mirror portal
  • An eccentric old man with steam-punk attire
  • A tall weird dorky asian store assistant that transforms into a giant version of my, at the time, social studies teacher (I might write up the story at some point, it’s kinda crazy)
  • A flying whale capable of transporting a group of colour coded knights

Seems I have an interesting way of presenting aspects of myself (that or I might be a little insane 🙂 ). The main reason I bring this up is simply because I’ve had a couple more characters enter my dreams & I’d like to talk about them. Continue reading