Approaches to Impending Problems


Hello, apparently this blog has been around for 2 years now Рwow  :o.

Last time I said that I would write about an important topic, so here it is – what to do about major, seemingly inevitable, problems that have no clear solution &, if left alone, will lead to disaster. This isn’t me telling you what approach you should take, rather this is a short musing of how people tend to approach them, & perhaps get you to think about your own actions.

I originally was going to explain how this came about, but that ballooned into several hundred words; enough for it’s own post. For the sake of saving time & getting to the real point, here’s a summary of some concerns from the past few months:

  • Knowing for a long time that there’s something very wrong with the world, but only recently getting an idea of how bad it is. If we keep going this way mankind will destroy itself in a few generations (if we haven’t already doomed ourselves to this fate).
  • Discovering what neoliberalism is, the effects of it, & how it permeates virtually everything in our global society today.
  • What my life is now, what I want to do with it, & what effect it could have on the world.

In coming to terms with such things, I’ve realized there’s about four broad approaches to seemingly inevitable major problems:

  • Ignorance – you avoid the problem.
  • Despair – you give up hope in finding a good solution.
  • Self – you focus on your own well-being.
  • Consideration – you try for the best possible solution.

Let me explain a bit more. Continue reading

Personal Drives


I’ve been taking some time to consider the kind of thoughts & moods that guide me in my day to day actions. This is because I can’t help but notice how often I do things that aren’t what I truly want to do, yet I continue to do them. I know I’m not unique in being this way; it seems almost everyone I know does this to some degree.

After giving it some thought I realized there are about three broad drives that my wants stem from.

By the way, these are just drives I notice in myself. I can’t say that these are the things that drive most people, though I can see them being applied that way. I also imagine there are drives I haven’t accounted for in this post.

Let’s start with what I’ll call the Idealist – the side whose goals pertain to my long term & logical wants whilst holding to my own values. The side that wants to create things, find awesome like-minded people, achieve my ambitions, & ascend myself as far as I can. If I deny this my life lacks a sense of meaning & progress (it seems to be the easiest side to neglect unfortunately). Continue reading

December Life Update


Hello, this update is less about what has been going on (not much frankly) & more about things that are coming up.

First of, I doubt I’m going to do any more game making stuff before the end of the year. I might talk about my thoughts on designing games but otherwise no game creation updates for a while. The reason for this is because December is going to be quite hectic for me:

  • One of my friends is moving away from Dunedin next week whilst I’m going on a business trip to Tauranga for several days (the timing of that kinda sucks).
  • I’m in the middle of sorting out a flat for next year since virtually everyone of my flatmates is moving out.
  • On the week of Christmas I’ll be going on leave & seeing my parents in Te Anau again + possibly seeing my brother & his family.

Aside from that, I’ve had a lot of shit on my mind. I’ve been jotting down the odd thing whilst at work or on my lunch break & I’d like to take the time to properly write about them. A lot of them are things I’ve noticed about people &/or myself. Some are just me pondering random things.

For instance, what is your idea of the person behind the words you are reading? How does the stuff I post here differ from how people typically view me? Or rather, how does what I post differ from who I really am? Continue reading