Brainstorming the Next Project(s)


Hello, I’ve been thrown off a bit this week because WINZ has finally contacted me about my job hunt results & I need to prepare to see them next week (by the way, yes I’m still unemployed). I am making progress with the stretch goals for the Stealth Unity tutorial but that’s not what this post is about. I want to wait until I’ve tried them all before I do a post about my results.

So, with all of the tutorials technically done, now what?

While the Unity tutorials have been very helpful in learning how to use it & how to implement various features, they don’t say much about planning & designing your own game. Part of me thinks I should slog through a familiar project to make the process of planning & designing a beginner original game as easy as possible (something like space invaders). This may be the smartest way to go about it but, knowing myself, I doubt it would be enough to keep me invested.

So, I’m going with something more original. I have plenty of ideas but I need to ground myself better than I have in the past. I need to utilize what I know now & go from there. What I have at the get go from the Unity tutorials include:

  • Arcade style gameplay
  • Shooter mechanics
  • 3rd person, top down or isometric viewpoint
  • Turn based & real time
  • Minor level randomization
  • Destructible walls
  • Stealth mechanics

Based on that, a top down shooter might be the best genre to go for – sweet! I’ve got a roguelike/shooter idea that will suit much of the above very well. But, as with many of my ideas, there’s a lot of murkiness.

At first I imagined the gameplay to cater to different approaches. You could choose to fight head on with a crossbow & explosive potions, you could choose to be stealthy & sneak around everyone (how I’m going to randomly generate sneakable maps without it becoming predictable is beyond me at this point), &/or you could utilize the environment by turning traps & sentries against your enemies. I can see this already being too much for a beginner game so I’ll likely stick to the first approach, for this game at least. I’ve also been contemplating features like one-hit-kills & how to handle player death. Like I said, still murky.

All this focus on Unity made me forget about RPG Maker. Only the RPG Maker VX Ace tutorial gave some direction in planning & designing a game, so I’m thinking I’ll start there while I figure out my next move with Unity.

This one’s going to be much more straightforward, a simple short hack’n slash. The basic premise is that you control a squad of mercenaries that have just arrived at a haunted town. Your mission is to go in & restart the spirit barrier that had been keeping the town safe in the past. Your party will consist of the standard ‘warrior, mage, thief, healer’ setup. Simple enough for me to focus on RPG design & gameplay.

Not much progress, but I’m getting there. I haven’t forgotten about the project framework I did back in January, so I’ll be returning to this when I don’t know what to do for a project. I’m also going to actually utilize the Game Design Workshop book I’ve had for ages.

Next: Finish the stretch goals for the Stealth tutorial & upload a second version. Brainstorm more about what to do next. Hope things with WINZ turn out okay.


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