Suddenly LDing Again


Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve done any posts about dreams. This is because I’ve been forgetting virtually all of them for the past while, until recently. Not only is my recall suddenly much better, I’ve been able to become lucid much sooner than I typically do. So this post is about the two most recent LDs I’ve had (the first set in a school, the second in a ‘physics test level’) & how I realized/remembered how life-like dreams can be (this is long read). Continue reading

Reflections & Grandma


I’ve got another lucid dream to share. The first LD to feature mirror images of myself, & the first to feature a dead family member.

My grandma passed away in 2012, & for the last decade of her life she suffered from dementia. I don’t want to talk too much about the subject, other than it was like she was no longer herself. Because she had it for so long, I have a hard time remembering what my grandma was like before she got dementia. All I can really remember is from my mother & step father’s wedding back in 2006. While trying to take photos, she would go “say sex” instead of cheese.

Anyway, I feel it affected the way she acted in my dream. Fortunately it wasn’t too overt. I’d say she was closer to what she was before the dementia (well, at least physically). It’s a condition I hope none of you have to deal with.

Here’s the dream: Continue reading

February Lucid Dreams + the Last Dream of Six


Okay, I’m going to dump several dreams onto your lap.

About a fortnight ago I had lucid dreamed twice in the same morning for the first time; I had the idea to write I post about it but never got around to it till recently. On Sunday, I decided to start this post because I’d just woken up feeling like I had six dreams that one morning. Lastly, yesterday morning I LD’d again & felt like writing about that one as well. Dreams seem to be going quite well for me right now.

So that’s what this post is going to be about. I’m going to summarize the two lucid dreams I had in the same morning + the LD I had yesterday morning, & then tell you about the last dream of the six I had on Sunday morning. Why this last non-lucid dream – well, I quite like this dream. There’s a couple of interesting things that happen, including an encounter with a dream character I feel I’ve met before. Continue reading

First Lucid Dream of 2015 – Yeays!


I’ve lucid dreamed again a few nights ago, & this one was markedly different for several reasons:

  • Unlike my previous lucid dreams, I didn’t feel a sudden rush of excitement. I was able to stay calm in my awareness & I stayed in my dream for an extra few minutes.
  • I tried to teleport to a different setting (Dive To The Heart from Kingdom Hearts, I really want to experience my own version of that) but failed.
  • I realized I’ve been in the city I dreamt of before. Not in real life (although I do see elements of Dunedin in it) but I feel I’ve dreamed of the city on many separate nights.
  • I tried to stop myself from waking up by spinning (in the dream I recalled it as a way to stabilize dreams. It isn’t until now that I realize it can also be used to teleport I think; damn!). However, it was more like I observed myself spinning, rather than experienced the spinning for myself, so it didn’t work.

Anyway, I felt the need to write it out in story form. I’ve added it to my dreams section, but you can simply go here to read it.