Charting Game Concepts (WIP)


I’ve been using diagramming software to make a start on flowcharting both of my projects & creating wireframes for Lost Isles. With Lost Isles, the flowchart so far only maps most of the pre-game stuff (menu navigation, etc) but will also include the in-game play cycle. For The Spirit Child I’ve focused more on the story side of things (only the first portion so far). I’ve made pages for each of these, which are found at their corresponding project pages.

Lost Isles Wireframes V1

Lost Isles Wireframes V1 via Pencil

Lost Isles Game Flow (WIP) via Pencil

Lost Isles Flowchart (WIP) via Pencil

At first I was using a program called ArgoUML. For the most part it works just fine but I’ve encountered a few annoyances with it (no “undo” or “redo”, will arbitrarily delete what I’ve just entered on the third line of a box; no idea why). I’ve come across a UI program called Pencil that works better for me… well, kind off. My main gripe with Pencil is that you cannot determine how lines bend. If you set it to, it will sometimes calculate bends in the wonkiest ways (I’ve had to rearrange the Lost Isles flowchart several times to get around this).

Next: Complete flowcharts & get myself to work at a better pace (I’ve been quite lazy towards my projects lately)


The Spirit Child Flowchart (WIP) via ArgoUML

The Spirit Child Flowchart (WIP) via ArgoUML (still need to remake it in Pencil)

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