Project Update – Tutorial Projects Stretch Goals


I finally solved that fucking annoying bug! Turns out there was a nav destination check, as part of the tutorial, that I didn’t account for when I added searching. This check essentially told the robot to go to it’s first destination if it’s not near it, resulting in robots running back & forth between two positions (ha!). Continue reading


Project Update – Tutorial Projects Finished


The Stealth tutorial series is now, technically, complete! The last “video” is simply a list of stretch goals that I’m thinking about doing. There will likely be an additional “tutorial” update for an improved version of Stealth soon. In the meantime, you can find the current game in my portfolio page as usual. Continue reading

Project Update – Tutorial Projects 5.5


Hello, I’ve currently completed 3/4 chapters of the Stealth tutorial series (18 videos of about 26). The main new features learned from this series so far are:

  • Lighting & “baking” scenes.
  • Security cameras & laser bars that trigger an alarm when entered.
  • Dynamic music, switching between calm & alerted when appropriate.
  • Player movement that matches animation, e.g. tap left & the player character will walk a full animated step in that direction instead of just showing a few frames.
  • More dynamic camera following the player.
  • Animated doors & lift.

The last step, & what the last chapter of videos are about, is enemies.

Current Progress

Current Progress

Continue reading

Project Update – Tutorial Projects 5



This past week has been very distracting for me (a couple of social nights followed by rest & recovery, my cousin getting 5th edition D&D books, + other good distractions) so I’ve done very little game development. I have made a start on the last Unity tutorial project – Stealth, though I’m only onto the third video of 26. Also, with the release of Unity 5, it’s made it a bit harder to follow a series done with what I suspect to be the Pro version of Unity 3.

I imagine this will take me a couple more weeks to complete. I hope to get “chapter 1” (the first eight videos) done by the end of the week.


Project Update – Tutorial Projects 3.5


Turns out the VX Ace tutorials are incomplete, & the last two tutorials are largely theoretical – focusing on events. What I’m thinking is, rather than leave it unfinished, I’m going to try & complete it based on the material & designs featured.

What’s done:

  • All areas
  • All player characters
  • All equipment & items
  • All enemies, encountered based on geography

Missing/To do:

  • Events
    • NPCs
    • Some semblance of story + dialogue
  • Tweak & balance all enemies

I’ve already setup a mini intro sequence of the first two player characters meeting + a couple other minor events. Hoping to have it all uploaded about a week from now.