The Spirit Child



Game Flowchart



The Spirit Child is a short story game & my first project using RPG Maker VX Ace. The game is about an unusual girl who wakes up in a forest populated with spirits. Typical of most RPG protagonists, she has no memory of who she was before the beginning of the game, although events in the story will hint towards a dark past. The story will be less about her past (I want to keep this ambiguous) & more about the path she will take; stay in the forest with the spirits, or take a chance at a “civilized” life, assuming her nature allows her to do so.

Main Features

  • A, somewhat, free-form story with a few choices that affect it
  • Up to three companions, with only one of them being compulsory for the story
  • About six areas to explore
  • Low level combat, erring more towards survival & tactics
  • A mixture of random & wandering creature encounters
  • A “roaming” boss encounter
  • Estimated to take about 1-2 hours to complete
  • Uses battlers from RPG Maker VX (non-Ace version) & midi from RPG Maker XP

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