Mini-Project 2 – Card Design


Hello, I’ve gotten my second mini-project done for my application portfolio – an encounter card for a conceptual boardgame. I created this over the span of about twelve days, whilst I was dog-sitting in Te Anau for my parents. It was nice to hang out with three small dogs for a while, but that’s not what this post is about (there is however a weird story I may post about later). Anyway, the card…

Card Design

A Gryphon encounter card.

The idea for this card stems from an adventure storytelling game idea I’ve mulled around for a long time, & have only now bothered to create something for. Whilst this is meant to serve as an encounter template, I wanted to treat it as an actual card that may appear in the game, so I chose to do a Gryphon (which might have been too ambitious for me). Continue reading

Design! All or Nothing.


Yay, something not depressing!

To open up my job options, I have decided to study design! Given where my creative interests lie, & the kind of things I enjoy, it’s almost embarrassing that I didn’t pursue this earlier (though really I didn’t think returning to study was a viable option, particularly in something more artistic).

Next year I plan on returning to Polytechnic to at least do the first year of the Bachelor in Communication Design. Yesterday I talked with the administrator about this & she said I could instead do a ‘graduate diploma’ (I think) since I’m a Bachelor of IT graduate. This means I could skip to the final year if I so choose to. At this point I’m still unsure what to specialize in so doing the first year will at least give me an idea of where I want to go. It does help that I already did a design paper as part of my BIT.

However, I need to apply by November 30th to have a good chance of getting in, & I need to come up with a portfolio showcasing my current design abilities. I’ll also need to sort out my student loan. That gives me about six weeks to prove that I’m ready to do this. Continue reading

Project Update – Tutorial Projects


Update: RPG Maker VX tutorials complete & the archive uploaded along with the games mentioned below.

Short answer – going great. I’ve done the first two of at least four tutorial projects featured on the Unity website – Roll-a-Ball & Space Shooter. I’m also nearly done with a series of tutorials for RPG Maker VX I’m doing in Ace. I’ve added links to them on my portfolio page in case anyone wants to try them out.

I haven’t been able to test the Mac versions of the unity games yet. If someone can try them out, see that they work properly, please tell me.

Next: Finish up RPG Maker VX tutorials & upload my results, then do the Survival Shooter & Stealth tutorial projects.


Lost My Mods


Turns out that almost all of the mods I’ve made in the past are gone now. Crap! The only one I have left was for Doom which made the player four times more sensitive to damage. I could at least put that up on the portfolio page though I’d rather have more than that there. I don’t plan on adding anything else from Polytech there either.

Note: most of this post is pretty much a ramble about my past gone mods. Continue reading

Been busy with life for once so…


I probably should have done this way back when I started this blog but I’ve now added a page featuring my past work. So far its only stuff I did during Polytech but I’ll be adding a few more things soon. I guess this is where future small mods will go as well.
I was wanting to put up my program that generates & solves a perfect maze but, while it does work, I’ve encountered a few minor problems with it. If anyone really wants to see it just let me know.

This week has been busier than usual for me so I haven’t done much towards the Three Moons map. I’ve also been more interested in pursuing other ideas lately. I don’t know if that means I should take a break from Three Moons or if I should continue just as I’m about to end the planning/designing phase. I still want to get this thing done but I don’t want to loose the drive for it. Continue reading