Cognitive Bias


Hi, I just thought I would share a diagram I found whilst procrastinating from a post I’ve been working on.


I had the idea to pick out what I believe to be “the most common” biases (which in of itself is probably a bias) & some of my own biases, but the list is very fucking long. I don’t want to spend too much (more) time sorting out & writing about biases, which will likely distract people further.

If a distraction is what you are looking for, here’s the list of biases along with the above diagram. At least this distraction will give you an idea of your own biases (unless you have a “bias blind spot”).

Try to remember that not all biases are bad. They mainly function as decision making shortcuts that minimize cognitive load.

The “we notice things already primed in memory or repeated often enough” area seems particularly relevant to me, given that I’m trying to write about life recurrences (again). I might refer to some of them in this post.

Thank you Wikipedia for distracting me yet again.


Window Questions


Hello, this post stems from a random thought I had yesterday. I felt the need to put up a series of questions in front of my house. I haven’t put them up yet, but this is the list I have so far:

What is your story?

What does your life say about you & what you value?

What decides your life?

If you died now, how would you feel about your life?

Should shame, fear, hatred, & sadness be standards you live your life by?

What defines truth?

What is reality beyond your senses & the messages you have been told?

What meaning is there to find in a world where none is given?

What defines morality?

What insight can the worst of us offer that the best cannot?

What makes the outsider evil? Why must they be that way?

What perspectives have you not considered?

To what point & purpose do your thoughts & beliefs serve?

What are you ignorant of?

What purpose does ignorance serve?

Why obey rather than question?

What gives leaders their power?

What is worth destroying the world?

Why obey a system that brings more suffering then good?

When does profit become more important than anything else?

How many idiots here think?

Are these questions a bit much?

Submit your answers to our letterbox

The questions I came up with are meant to be thought provoking, with the intention of encouraging critical thinking. The last few lines are meant to be more tongue-in-cheek, though part of me would like to receive mail from random people giving their answers.

For that matter, I’d be curious to see how people reading this post would answer these questions as well. I’d also like to hear any other suggestions for thought provoking questions.

If you’re looking for some explanation, read on. Continue reading

August Life Update


Hello, I’m afraid I haven’t done much work on projects this past week.

Every time I do one of these posts where I have very little to share, it feels like I’m coming up with excuses just for the sake of making a post. I feel like I could do more, & I apologize for this.

This seems to be a common habit for me. Roughly every third week I won’t do so well with my game projects, usually due to some mix of life events & downtime habits. Technically yes I do have time to work on my game projects, but instead I vouch for games, youtube, anime, or whatever I may be into at the time. In other words, I’m like 90% of people in western culture today who like to be non-productive for some odd reason.

I’ll at least share some things that have come up recently: Continue reading

Feel Free to Skip This


Just a quick post to say I haven’t had much of a chance to properly work on game projects over the past week. It’s been a mix of driving practise for my full test (which by the way I’m feeling pretty good about), something job hunt related, a flatmate needing my help, something social, oversleeping/laziness, getting ready for my trip to Te Anau (going tomorrow) & frost.

In general I’ve been falling behind on everything relating to this blog. Things should be much quieter for me in Te Anua so I can catch up there. At least I’m keeping my personal promise of posting something every seven days; just wish I had something more substantial to say :\.


Past Choices, Present Consequences



The WINZ job hunt meet-up was different than I expected. I was led to believe I would have to present evidence of my hunt & hope I did enough for them to be sated, but they didn’t even ask about our results. Instead it’s more of a job hunt workshop, which is pleasantly surprising. I think it’s a new programme in association with WINZ geared towards people in my age bracket.

But there’s something that made me think about my future beyond the current ‘getting any job I can’ thing. In my group of six, half of us were IT graduates. As one of them said whilst explaining his situation, the problem is IT is a fast paced industry. You’re expected to go straight into an internship when you graduate, except in NZ pretty much all of them are in Auckland (I hate Auckland).

I can support his claim. At least half of all NZ graduate IT job adverts I’ve seen are based in Auckland, & virtually every single ad has this line: “must be a recent graduate or junior _”. I’m still just a graduate, & I’m definitely not recent. So this has made me wonder, yet again, have I screwed myself just because I wanted to take a break from IT?

This is a look at my choices pertaining tertiary study & after graduation (prepare for a long read). Continue reading

March 2015


Hello, it’s been a while since I posted a life update. So, here we go:

  • Game Development = Should be pretty self evident if you follow this blog. I’d say it’s been good, though I seem to have suddenly slowed down.
  • Job Hunting = Pretty crap. My best result so far has been a 3 minute interview with Wendy’s Hamburgers. Most of the available jobs in Dunedin are geared towards managerial or experienced specialist roles, & most “student” jobs are “one-offs”. On top of that, given my history of work related dermatitis, I have to be more careful about what jobs I go for; I don’t want to get a job just to find my hands getting screwed again. I seem to have a lot of factors going against me in this department :P.
  • Lucid Dreaming = Pretty sweet. My LD count is at 21+, & I seem to be reaching a point where I’m LDing on a fortnightly basis (though, like with the game development, it seems to be slowing down as well).
  • General Health = I seem to be developing a cold at the moment, which has made my sleeping patterns even worse (as in a keep on finding I wake up closer to 3pm). Fortunately I only seem to get sick about once a year so this should only be a minor set back.
  • General Happiness = Pretty good but with a main caveat…

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