So Far So Good


Hello, I’m finally on break from design school for two weeks. Now for an update.

I would have written this post sooner except on Sunday my window, goaded by wind gusts, decided to fall out & shatter onto the street. Now my window is cardboarded up & I’m waiting for it to be replaced; no idea when.

But I digress – this post is actually about how making friends became absurdly excruciating.

Returning to polytech has been a godsend to me. I am very much enjoying communication design & feel like I’ve found my element:

  • I storyboarded an idea I had floating around for a long time (I’ll make a post about this later).
  • Been learning about various design movements, like Art Nouveau & Russian Constructivism.
  • Been introduced to drawing tablets & currently have an animation assignment I’ll do over the next two weeks based on an old dream (again, this will be its own post).
  • I’ve been (more) properly introduced to photography. Didn’t realize how much there was to portraits & how experimental you can be (got really into collage & cut-outs).

Perhaps the most significant aspect is that I seem to actually be making friends. I realize that probably sounds banal but, given my reclusive nature & the way my life has been going, its just… very nice to have this happen, even though I feel my behaviour just made things more difficult. Continue reading

um… wibble


I don’t really have any main point to this post I just felt like sharing something. I had a sort of unplanned day off on Sunday (I guess yesterday counts as well since I woke up pretty late) where all I did was go multiplayer on Baldur’s Gate with my brother & played Magic: The Gathering with my cousin.
I hadn’t done that kind of thing in a long while. These days it’s mostly: work, personal projects, anime, & general living crap. I haven’t done much game playing & hanging out with people lately, & its been a long time since I played games with people instead of playing alone. I’m not sure why I wanted to share this but, considering that I’m writing a post about it, I guess it was just what I needed. Thank you brother & flatmates :).

Anyway, with Baldur’s Gate & Magic in my head I probably won’t be making much progress this week though I still plan on making at least one more map design (Corrupt Forest most likely). I’ve also made my start on the lucid dream story, wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to start writing it but still going through it slowly. Let’s see how this week goes.