Before Study


Hello, I just felt like doing a random update since my course is starting next week:

  • Still chipping away at a scanned image of my mythic bird design. The scanner doesn’t do a great job of digitizing my sketches, & I thought setting it to max contrast would be enough to give me a cleanish sketch, but instead I was left with fuzzy outlines. Since then I’ve been meticulously cleaning the lines so I can colour it. I guess this is why artists ink their lines first.
  • Passed my car onto my brother so he may regularly get his daughter to childcare. I seem to be doing fine with non-car life so far.
  • I’ve actually been using Twine to do some writing. I’ve even been plotting out some of my game ideas in it, since you can have stories function like games. I don’t have anything worth releasing at this time & I won’t promise that I will in the future. At present, this is just something for myself.
  • I also felt like updating my About page.
Saharasha WIP

Saharasha Scan WIP

Otherwise not much else. I’ve honestly been struggling to keep myself occupied until now, but doing art has helped. I’m just waiting for my course to start but I’m also feeling trepidation.

When I studied IT I didn’t try to make friends & I was in a more negative place about myself. I’ve improved since then but I wonder if history will repeat itself. Admittedly, one of the reasons for returning to study was so I could figure out where I want to go & the kind of people I belong with. If its just the same results again I’m not sure how I’d handle it now that I’m flatting (I at least had my parents last time). I guess I’m used to it at this point in life, but a change would be nice.

I’ll see how next week goes. I’m not sure how posting will go from now on, but if this course is as intensive as IT was you may not hear from me in a long while. Future posts will most likely be about whatever projects I do for design school.


Mini-Project 1 – Blog Header


Hello, you may have noticed my profile image is different. I felt it was appropriate to have my first mini-project be an update of this. I finally have something more current for my application portfolio!

Since the portfolio requires evidence of a process for a few items, I’ll touch on it a bit here.


Old Header Image

Blog Header Large

New Header Image


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Permission to Post Less


Hello, I feel it’s time to change something about how I do this blog, which may be reflected in how its been going lately.

You see I’m at the stage in my life where people I’ve known from tertiary study & earlier are now leaving my life, & I’m also at the stage where I need to decide where I go. Cool people I’ve met in recent years, & some I’ve known for the majority of my life, are gone now. In actuality I’ve been at this stage for the past couple of years but now I feel it drawing to a close.

My basic plan is to move on to a different city in the next year or so, somewhere I have a better opportunity to pursue my goals. While progress on that has stalled at the moment, I know I must get onto that very soon, even if part of me doesn’t really want to.

The key reason I’ve been so avoidant of this is because once I move my time with my friends will be over. I feel that I am on the verge of losing the last people I have a connection with, & I know how rare it is for me to find such people. I know this is the only period of time I have left with these people which is why my wish to become an indie game creator feels so secondary right now. I know it feels like a poor excuse but part of me feels I can’t truly get started on that until I’ve left them.

What I’m getting at is I feel I need to do the following:

  1. Enjoy the time I have with my friends.
  2. Continue to work on my aspirations but don’t worry if my progress is slow or non-existent; once I’ve moved on I can work on these in earnest.
  3. Break my personal rule of “one post per weekend” to free up time for both of the above.

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Minor Post Change


Hello, at first I was going to lump this with a game project update, but I think its better to keep this separate (I think it’s a habit I need to stop doing).

I doubt anyone really cares about this but, I’m thinking of ditching my “post something every seven days” personal rule. The purpose of this rule was to get me to consistently work towards my aspirations & to help prevent me from becoming lethargic (which half worked?). It was especially what I needed when I became unemployed, where its easy to become apathetic.

Instead I’m opting for a “post something by the end of every weekend” rule. This is so I can better utilize my free time instead of cramming it all on Saturdays, which the “seven day” rule would currently force me to do.

I’ll see if I can do a proper project update tomorrow (I don’t like making updates where I have little to say), but otherwise consider this the first “weekend” post.