RM Hack’n Slash – Developing Concept 4.1


Hello, I’ve been changing the numbers around to better suit my new character attributes.

With these changes, balancing character attributes has become more like a sudoku puzzle. I’ve probably spent most of the time just swapping numbers around to see if the rows & columns add up the right way, whilst trying to keep what I like. Having said that, I feel I’ve come up with something better than the first iteration.

The way it is with the new attributes:

  • Warrior: Good strength & endurance, average craft & agility, poor focusĀ & aura
  • Mage: Good focus & aura, average endurance & craft, poor agility & strength
  • Agent: Good craft & agility, average strength & focus, poor aura & endurance
  • Cleric: Good aura & endurance, average strength & agility, poor focus & craft
Class Statistics V2

Class Statistics V2

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RM Hack’n Slash – Developing Concept 4


Hello, I’ve stepped back from prototyping to rethink my character attributes.

I was content with using the default attributes, but I thought they could be better designed. Now that I’ve had a better look at where I can utilize attributes, I’ve come up with something I’m pretty happy with. Continue reading

RM Hack’n Slash – Developing Concept 3.3


Progress at last! I’ve come up with some initial statistics for the player characters that I’m happy with. I haven’t done any playtesting yet so they’re prone to change.

Spreadsheet of initial class statistics.

Spreadsheet of initial class statistics.

I can’t believe I only thought to use Excel last week; made the process much clearer :P.

I’ve included the formulas I decided on, plus some initial stats for equipment to get an idea of how much they will affect attributes. I haven’t issued values for Ability Points since it depends on what abilities the classes have, which I’ve yet to figure out. Continue reading