RM Hack’n Slash – Developing Concept 3.3


Progress at last! I’ve come up with some initial statistics for the player characters that I’m happy with. I haven’t done any playtesting yet so they’re prone to change.

Spreadsheet of initial class statistics.

Spreadsheet of initial class statistics.

I can’t believe I only thought to use Excel last week; made the process much clearer :P.

I’ve included the formulas I decided on, plus some initial stats for equipment to get an idea of how much they will affect attributes. I haven’t issued values for Ability Points since it depends on what abilities the classes have, which I’ve yet to figure out.

It’s not fun trying to come up with statistics I must admit. They’re not something I’ve cared much about in any game I’ve played. Sure I’ll grind to level up my characters & swap equipment when I find something better, but I’ve never delved into skill formulas or wanted to create “the ultimate build” of a class.

They’re just abstract values if you don’t have a context to go with. My typically line of thinking relating to character attributes is stuff like “how many hits with this weapon will kill this monster”. It’s through this that I’ve decided my values.

I also had some guidelines in mind:

  • Keep base attributes low & stat increments minimal. As a reminder, I don’t want the player to level grind to win the game. It should be based more on tactical choices, like the equipment & abilities they utilize.
  • Every class should have two “average” attributes, & attributes considered “excellent”, “good”, “mediocre”, & “poor”.
  • The warrior is about good physical attack & defence with poor magic & luck values. They should also have the most health since they’re at the forefront of combat.
  • The mage conversely is high in magic values but low in physical values. They have the lowest health but the plan is to balance it with powerful magic abilities.
  • The thief, who I’ve renamed “agent”, is focused on speed & damage output but bad defence.
  • The healer, also renamed to “cleric”, is focused on good defence but poor damage output, since they’re mainly a support class.

I also want to include some thoughts on the lore of the game world.

Since this game is about fighting spirits, I’ve been thinking about what they would be like. When I think of spirits there are generally two kinds: ghosts (formerly living things), & primordial forces (deities, elementals, etc). Spirits of all kinds are typically incorporeal & traditional weapons won’t affect them, so weapons will probably be made of special materials, like silver & coldiron.

In terms of behaviour, I imagine ghosts to be somewhat mad; having lost their sense of time & place, struggling to retain what connections they have to their living life. Primordial forces would be more ‘sane’, with personalities probably ranging from wild to arrogant. Maybe the various gods of myth could be useful here.

Since spirits are able to pop-up virtually anywhere (hence why random encounters are a thing), what’s stopping them from attacking the safe zones? My in-game explanation is the invention of spirit barriers, magical forcefields that block out spirits. The town this game is centred on made use of spirit barriers, but one day they shut down & the town was invaded. This gives a good overall goal of restoring the town barriers.

Next: Come up with a basic average enemy, a few average pieces of equipment, then playtest what I’ve got.


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