Online Resources


About Game Creation


  • Gamasutra (I literally want to read/watch 75% of what this site uploads but at the rate they put up articles (about 30 articles a week) I can’t keep up with everything. I won’t bother linking to any articles directly on this site since I ended up bookmarking 100+ articles in my browser)
  • GDC Vault (videos, some can only be watched by members I think)
  • Make It Big In Video Games
  • Making of Defence Grid 2
  • RogueBasin (pretty much everything about Roguelikes)



Design Document Templates

  • By Chris Taylor
  • For Indie Developers (also has some areas geared towards the story side of the game)
  • Google Docs 1 & 2 (the 2nd one was made by members of the Unity forums & is geared more towards Unity projects)




Note: last I checked, all of these are free to download & use unless stated otherwise. Please tell me if I’m wrong or if the licensing changes.

  • Ethanon (2D game engine)
  • Game Maker (only the standard version is free)
  • LÖVE (Lua framework)
  • RPG Maker (only a lite version of VX Ace is free)
  • Torque 2D & 3D (used Torque 2D for my final year project at Otago Polytech)
  • Trello (project management software)
  • Unity 3D

RPG Maker


  • Dreamviews (lucid dreaming forum)
  • Lucid Sage (podcast on lucid dreaming. This isn’t me, I’m Lucid “Mage” not “Sage”, one letter difference)


  • LackeyCCG (“play any collectible card game online”)
  • Pokefusion Art (some of these fusions are awesome! Might inspire a look for your creatures)

If you have anything else you would like me to add please tell me.

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