Job Confirmed!


Hello, this is just a brief update of the post from a couple weeks ago.

I’ve received a folder from a courier today containing a job offer & contract saying the role is confirmed. All that’s left is to deliver a signed copy to my employers. I guess I’m now a “Metadata Administrator”.


I Think I Got a Job!


Okay so over a month ago I mentioned an event where I talked to a guy whilst waiting to enquire about a job. This guy actually works for a power company as the leader of a small team & wanted to talk to my work brokers about a possible role. Since then we hadn’t heard anything from him, until now.

I got a call from my work brokers this morning saying the guy has a position starting in mid-September. We went to see the guy at his office & he’s talking like I’ve already been hired. It’s a six month, 40 hour per week, contract for a data entry role. If I do well at it then it might become a permanent job. I don’t need to go through an interview process or anything. All I need to do is a psychometric test to check I’m reasonably sane & I’ve got the job.

So… kick fucking ass! Continue reading

August Life Update


Hello, I’m afraid I haven’t done much work on projects this past week.

Every time I do one of these posts where I have very little to share, it feels like I’m coming up with excuses just for the sake of making a post. I feel like I could do more, & I apologize for this.

This seems to be a common habit for me. Roughly every third week I won’t do so well with my game projects, usually due to some mix of life events & downtime habits. Technically yes I do have time to work on my game projects, but instead I vouch for games, youtube, anime, or whatever I may be into at the time. In other words, I’m like 90% of people in western culture today who like to be non-productive for some odd reason.

I’ll at least share some things that have come up recently: Continue reading

An Interesting Couple of Hours


Hello, weird timing seems to be a sudden factor in my life.

I had my first proper job interview in a long time yesterday, but it’s the events before & after that stand out for me. The interview was for a support worker role,┬áthe one I needed a full driver’s license for. The organization I applied for helps to enable people with autism & intellectual disabilities to lead their own lives.

I decided to go early, which was probably a good thing since my car decided to die halfway there (first time that’s happened to me). I managed to get it going again, but the car felt weak. I stuck to the quieter suburban streets & managed to park near-ish to the organization (they weren’t that far away). I still had plenty of time to walk there. At least this didn’t happen on my driving test last week, that would have really sucked. Continue reading

Major Job Hunt Woes


I know, another “life” post, but that’s because I had a moment recently where I realized how dire my job hunt situation is. It’s almost unreal how much bad luck I’m having right now. Let me explain.

In October last year I quit my job working night-fill due to contact dermatitis caused by my work environment. I went to WINZ & was put on the benefit. I’ve been job hunting since. Six months later, with poor results, I start attending fortnightly obligatory meet-ups aimed at helping my search. I was soon assigned to a couple of job brokers, given 12 weeks to help me get a job. A few weeks later, they admit they’re as lost as I am on what jobs I should go for.

Why has job hunting been so fucking difficult? Two main reasons: dermatitis & stuttering. Continue reading