Here are all the stories I’ve done so far about the dreams I’ve had. Before you read these stories there are some things I should explain:

  • Dream logic – in dreams you pretty much believe anything & everything is normal.
  • Not 100% recollection – unfortunately I don’t have eidetic memory & I typically only write what generally happens when I wake up. This means I have to make up missing aspects of the story. Most of the time this is dialogue or text on objects I read in the dream (it’s surprisingly hard to recall these things if they didn’t have some kind of impact on you).
  • Sudden beginnings & endings –most of the dreams I remember are interrupted &, except for one I can remember, my dreams always begin in the middle of the action or as I’m arriving somewhere. This unfortunately means almost all of my dreams end with “I woke up” & don’t provide a satisfactory ending.
  • General weirdness – I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again, I dream of some weird crap. The only thing they have in common is that they all happened in my head (isn’t that the case for writers & all of their stories?).



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