New Year Reflection


Hello, I thought I would take some time to briefly: reflect on the previous year, reflect on this blog, & think about the coming year, in the form of, yet another, reflective post.

To summarise 2014 for me:

  • Spent my first year without formal education since about age 5 (which might be a bad thing since I can’t remember much of what I was taught in more recent years).
  • Spent almost a full year flatting & caring for myself without support from my parents.
  • Become an uncle, twice.
  • Went to the doctor for the first time since infancy.
  • Got my first job, then left due to health issues.
  • Looked deeper into myself & started to change myself for the better by the end of the year.
  • Attempted, repeatedly, to do game development stuff.
  • Rebuilt my dream recall but had only one brief lucid dream (I think, I can’t quite remember).
  • Wrote my first piece of amateur short fiction since high school.
  • Starting blogging about 5-6 months ago, & stuck to it.
  • + other stuff (some of which my parents might frown upon 😛 ).

Okay, not as productive as I would have liked, but a year I feel was important.

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I truly don’t know


I’m not sure what this post is about. I think I just needed somewhere to vent some things.

There has been a lot of things floating around in my mind for the past week. Some are new & others haven’t been as prominent as they were before. What areas can I find jobs at, what projects & ideas do I work on, what can I do to make myself more productive, what do I want to do with my life & what is my life plan, etc. I’ve been thinking about & wanting to say too many things. They start to mesh together & I lose track of what I’m trying to think of or say.

Ultimately, I realize I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. Seems to be a recurring theme for me. Continue reading

Been busy with life for once so…


I probably should have done this way back when I started this blog but I’ve now added a page featuring my past work. So far its only stuff I did during Polytech but I’ll be adding a few more things soon. I guess this is where future small mods will go as well.
I was wanting to put up my program that generates & solves a perfect maze but, while it does work, I’ve encountered a few minor problems with it. If anyone really wants to see it just let me know.

This week has been busier than usual for me so I haven’t done much towards the Three Moons map. I’ve also been more interested in pursuing other ideas lately. I don’t know if that means I should take a break from Three Moons or if I should continue just as I’m about to end the planning/designing phase. I still want to get this thing done but I don’t want to loose the drive for it. Continue reading