Design: Saharasha Part 2



I think I have my final design for the bird. I ended up basing it heavily on the Blue Jay. As the etymology behind the made-up name refers to a “young gazelle”, I wanted to integrate gazelle features into the bird as well. I even tried to combine hooves & talons, though I’m dubious the feet bear any resemblance to hooves.

Aside from drawing both views crooked, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. I had real trouble trying to not smudge the drawings (not sure if I should blame my left hand or the habit of writing left to right for this).

Saharasha 1

Front View

Saharasha 2

Top View

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Design: Saharasha Part 1


Hello, I’ve started a new design project.

Whilst the aim of this project is to create a new design for a mythic bird, its so far devolved into doodling random living birds. This is part of the research into coming up with a design I hope would be fairly unique; believable yet intangible (if that even makes sense). Unfortunately I’m going at a snails pace, averaging one doodle every business day. It’s only now that I’ve finished research & will move onto the concept/development portion of the process.

What is Saharasha? Well, some time in late December I… had a dream? More accurately I awoke & could only remember the flashing image of a great bird (like a Roc) with brown feathers & light blue highlights. A name like “Saharasha” stuck in mind. I’m not sure why, but it inspired an idea for a new mythic creature for me; a sort of Phoenix born not from ashes but the waking from a dream. Continue reading

Games & I


Note: I wrote most of this back in Te Anau during December. With the flat I’m in now I’m definitely playing more games, or at least playing Dark Souls. Seems a change in environment really helped :P.

The last time someone asked me what games I play I felt worried. In fact, this question has made me feel worry over the past several years no matter who it is that asks it. I guess this is because people tend to assume things about you based on the games you play, but there’s also another reason.

While I consider myself a gamer, I was barely playing games for a while. I couldn’t simply name what games I was playing because the times between play sessions felt distant. The actual play sessions themselves felt so short because I’d spend most of the time nitpicking something, like finding/installing mods or getting online multiplayer to actually work. I’m way more likely to watch a let’s play or look up design in games then to actually play them myself. It kinda makes me feel like a fraud in some weird way. Continue reading

5-Minute Daily Confidence Workout


(Note: This post contains an excerpt from the book “Instant Confidence” by Paul McKenna. If the owners, publishers, etc, of this book want this post removed please tell me & I’ll do so.)

Hello, this is the second technique I want to share (this is the last one as I’d like to get back to focusing on game projects & what not). The principle of this is ‘you become what you practice’, & by practising this you’ll become more naturally confident.

You’ll need a mirror & something to write on. I would recommend taking your time to get the hang of this technique before trying to do it in five minutes. There’s also no cool down period so you can do this as often as you please :). Continue reading

Success Highlight Movies


(Note: This post contains an excerpt from the book “Instant Confidence” by Paul McKenna. If the owners, publishers, etc, of this book want this post removed please tell me & I’ll do so.)

Hello, I’d like to share a visualization technique from a self-help book I’m rereading at the moment. The idea here is that we are continuously, unconsciously, making “mind movies” that determine our mood & subsequent behaviour. The nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real & imagined experience, so you can use this to help boost your natural confidence & other traits if you think about the right things. Continue reading