Weird Dreams in Te Anau + Dogs

View from the living room window.

View from the living room window.

Hello from Te Anau in my parents new house. This post will serve as another, brief, life update, that will deviate from what I normally post. At least this gives me an excuse to post dog photos.

I haven’t had much of a chance to continue with the Stealth tutorial project, although I did complete the first chapter of videos before I headed out. I’ll post an update when I return to Dunedin.

As usual, it’s been very relaxed here in Te Anau, except this time mum got me to help shovel some dirt for the future garden. I’m not going to say much about the house, other than that it’s constantly warm inside. It’s autumn at the moment & my parents would need to use the wood burner in the previous rental pretty regularly. The view of the mountains is also quite beautiful. Unfortunately, my hand rashes are springing up again, just like last time. What is it about this place that makes me sick?

View from my bedroom window.

View from my bedroom window.

Oh well, at least I get to see the dogs again (I wrote about these three in my first Te Anau post). As I write this, I’ve got Kenny here on my lap, scared by the wind slamming the doors shut.

Cassie, sitting on mum's lap.

Cassie, sitting on mum’s lap.

Kenny, the panting shaking dog you can't see as I type this.

Kenny, the panting shaking dog you can’t see as I type this.

Calder, lying in the yard.

Calder, lying in the yard. Fun fact: he has an under-bite that makes him show his lower teeth all the time.

I’ve also been having really hap-hazardous sleep. I had a night where I woke up virtually every 20 minutes, either due to the dogs, or simply because I’m not used to the house. Since many of the dreams we remember tend to be interrupted, I’ve recalled many many dreams. Ones like:

  • 20 short Bioshock dreams somehow relating to the contents of my nose (I’ve finally gotten around to playing the series).
  • Playing Prop Hunt as an indigo Scorpion with ghostly powers in a Mortal Kombat level.
  • A few about running in Dunedin for obscure reasons, e.g. a tank blowing up a castle that reminded me of Winterfell from Game of Thrones; set no where near Dunedin.
  • One set in my current bedroom here. It ended with something like this:
    • Me: “This doesn’t make sense.” My friend: “What are you talking about ‘this doesn’t make sense’, of course it does. We’re here to-“, wake up.

Anyway, that’s all the fluff I can really think up about this long weekend. Hope you had a good Easter, & I hope to write up a better post at some point later this week.


P.S. As I finalize this post, Kenny has finally settled down 🙂


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