Te Anau


Hi. I’m spending the Labour weekend with my parents in Te Anau.

I must say, being here in Te Anau, I haven’t been this relaxed in a long while. I’m actually sleeping in, & hence dreaming better. I seem to be digesting food better. I don’t have that same sense of being used or no one giving a shit about me (which I admit has the poisonous affect of me not giving a shit about others). Back in Dunedin I felt a major absence that I don’t feel here; a feeling like there was no one but my mind.

Anyway, in Te Anau I’m surrounded by landscapes like this.

Mountains near Te Anau

Mountains near Te Anau

.. & each morning I’m assaulted by licking tongues from at least two of these guys.

Our Three Dogs. (Clockwise, starting from the bottom right) Calder, Kenny, & Cassie.

Our Three Dogs. (Clockwise, starting from the bottom right) Calder, Kenny, & Cassie.

Let me introduce the trio:



Cassie is a maltese/poodle. She’s the oldest & the one we’ve had the longest (about 5 years old now). She’s probably the most vocal of the three, definitely the most high pitch. She’s the easiest to get riled up. Simply say “walk”, “car ride”, the name of a local or t.v. cat or dog, or anything of that nature & she will either run up to you or start searching; say it multiple times & she will start whining. I suppose her favourite place is along my step father’s legs when he’s lying in his lazy chair, watching t.v.; otherwise she prefers to be alone.



Kenny is a maltese/bichon/shih tzu (“multi-poo”). We got him about a year after getting Cassie. He’s pretty much been by my side ever since I arrived; I guess he missed me the most. He’s kind off shy but also a big schmoozer. You’ll most likely find him huddled up to someone’s chest or stomach if he isn’t in the mood to play. He’s changed a bit since I last saw him; he used to be more playful. Unusual for him, he’s been growling at Calder a bit, especially when Calder tries to get up on the bed or chair he’s on. Perhaps he feels he’s taking his place.



Calder is a lhasa apso/shih tzu (“la-shit”). He’s the new pup; my parents got him over 6 months ago, not long after they moved here. Within 5 minutes of walking through the front door he licked every single crevice of my head & he’s continued to lick me when ever he can; very welcoming. I thought Kenny liked to play, but Calder is ridiculously playful (seriously, the guy doesn’t want to stop). After some intense playing, he likes to hump something; the other dogs, our legs, anything remotely living. In short, most of the time, Calder is either: licking, playing, or humping.

I admit I’ve been very, very, lax about my projects lately (even though I’m still conceptualizing them at the moment). All I’ve really talked about lately is life events, things on my mind, & the odd dream. I know I’ve mentioned the “Lost Isles” Unity project but I never said what my RPG Maker project will be. At present, I plan on doing a short game about an unknown girl who wakes up in a forest full of spirits. I’ll explain it a bit more in a later post.


P.S. Does anyone, when they go on long distance drives, pretend they’re piloting a space ship down a hyper-drive railway? Just curious.

One thought on “Te Anau

  1. Awwww, the three doggies. They’re all very cute, and it seems they like giving tongue baths to you. And it’s nice to have a break, especially when you’re away from the hustle and bustle. I tend to find my home is my sanctuary but it’s hard to work there, so I go out to public libraries or cafes.

    I hope that view inspires dreams and ideas! It’s beautiful.

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