Project Update – Tutorial Projects 5.5


Hello, I’ve currently completed 3/4 chapters of the Stealth tutorial series (18 videos of about 26). The main new features learned from this series so far are:

  • Lighting & “baking” scenes.
  • Security cameras & laser bars that trigger an alarm when entered.
  • Dynamic music, switching between calm & alerted when appropriate.
  • Player movement that matches animation, e.g. tap left & the player character will walk a full animated step in that direction instead of just showing a few frames.
  • More dynamic camera following the player.
  • Animated doors & lift.

The last step, & what the last chapter of videos are about, is enemies.

Current Progress

Current Progress

I did make a deviation on video five as it deals with the UI, which has been revamped in Unity 4.6. I went with an implementation that made use of the newer UI system & it seems to be working just fine. I’ll also need to adjust player movement as the animations are making it pretty iffy.

As I’m nearing the end of the last tutorial, I’ve been thinking about what to do next. The unity tutorials have taught me more than I expected & I’d like to utilize the features I’ve developed from them. I’ve had an idea for a top down action/stealth roguelike for a while now that I think will suit them just fine. As with RPG Maker, I’d rather do a small project that focuses on improving my skills at RPG design, so I’m thinking of doing a small hack’n slash style game. I’m thinking I’ll return to The Spirit Child idea after that. I’ll probably expand more on the above after I’ve finished the Stealth tutorials.


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