RM Hack’n Slash – Developing Concept 4


Hello, I’ve stepped back from prototyping to rethink my character attributes.

I was content with using the default attributes, but I thought they could be better designed. Now that I’ve had a better look at where I can utilize attributes, I’ve come up with something I’m pretty happy with.

The areas I can utilize stats, without scripting, are essentially: skill & item formulas, & events. With these areas in mind, I wanted to see if I could expand them in a way that made attributes more unique yet better interwoven. Here are the changes:

  • Attack = Strength – physical capability. Determines base physical damage & is increased by weapons.
  • Defence = Endurance – bodily resistance. Reduces a percentage of physical damage received, is increased by armour, & influences potion effectiveness.
  • Magic Attack = Aura – attunement to magical/spiritual forces. Determines base effectiveness of magic abilities, reduces a percentage of magic damage received, & is increased by magic equipment.
  • Magic Defence = Craft – skill finesse. Has an affect on all abilities ranging from subtle to major.
  • Agility – speed & reflexes. Determines combat order & has a random affect on all defence.
  • Luck = Focus – mental capability. Affects the chance of inflicting/receiving states & boosts magic abilities.

I realize the faulty logic of armour improving potion effectiveness but given that I’m locked into six attributes I’m willing to accept this. The same could be said for weapons boosting a characters Strength, but hey that’s the way equipment works in RPG Maker.

I wanted to combine magic attack & defence together to make magic more mechanically distinct. I did realize that doing it this way would make Aura vs Aura seem weak compared to Strength vs Endurance, but adding Focus seems to even things out (see the formulas below for what I mean). It also gives the idea of magic being the mental manipulation of an energy field; I like that.

Craft was the only thing I could really think of as a sixth attribute. I was worried that it would become a filler stat, but I think I can utilize it well for ‘trickier’, more class specific, abilities. I imagine this being the new main stat for the Agent.

At first Agility was going to work for defence the same way Craft would for attack, but since I found out formulas can use random functions I figured I’d make it not so reliable. You can’t dodge everything.

I like the idea of attributes working together to produce different results. It makes the choice of boosting one attribute in favour of another not so black & white. To get an idea of what I mean, here’s a couple of formulas of how the attributes would typically be used:

Attack formula:

Example: A.Strength = 50, A.Craft = 25, B.Endurance = 15, B.Agility = 20

A.Strength * (1 + A.Craft * 0.01) * (1 – (B.Endurance * 0.01 + rand(B.Agility) * 0.01))

50 * 1.25 * (1 – 0.15 – (random value between 0.20 – 0.0)) = 40.625 – 53.125 damage

Magic attack formula:

Example: A.Aura = 30, A.Craft = 25, A.Focus = 35, B.Aura = 15, B.Agility = 20

A.Aura + A.Focus * (1 + A.Craft * 0.01) * (1 – (B.Aura * 0.01 + rand(B.Agility) * 0.01))

30 + 35 * 1.25 * (1 – 0.15 – (random value between 0.20 – 0.0)) = 52.8125 – 69.0625 damage


I’m surprised at how much you can do with formulas. It’s a shame the help documentation only looks at the UI for it.

One last thing, since I realized I could use attributes for events, I got the idea to use something I’ll call “party checks”. In the game world there would be certain events or obstacles that can be interacted with depending on the combined values of the party. For example, if you come across some rubble you could clear the way if the combined strength of the party is X or greater.

Next: Redo the numbers for PCs, enemies, etc, & prototype the above changes.


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