RM Hack’n Slash – Developing Concept 4.1


Hello, I’ve been changing the numbers around to better suit my new character attributes.

With these changes, balancing character attributes has become more like a sudoku puzzle. I’ve probably spent most of the time just swapping numbers around to see if the rows & columns add up the right way, whilst trying to keep what I like. Having said that, I feel I’ve come up with something better than the first iteration.

The way it is with the new attributes:

  • Warrior: Good strength & endurance, average craft & agility, poor focus & aura
  • Mage: Good focus & aura, average endurance & craft, poor agility & strength
  • Agent: Good craft & agility, average strength & focus, poor aura & endurance
  • Cleric: Good aura & endurance, average strength & agility, poor focus & craft
Class Statistics V2

Class Statistics V2

I think I’ve found the right distribution of attributes but I’m still dubious about the numbers themselves. I decided to make health more even across all characters, at least for the time being, so I can better focus on the attributes. This is also the reason why AP is still empty.

While the endurance & aura attributes look small, remember that they are percentage based & can be boosted by equipment. Craft & agility are also percentage based but no equipment will increase them except for the odd rare item; equipment is more likely to lessen these attributes in favour of the others.

Percentages are a tricky thing to work with. Since there’s multiple equipment slots, you don’t want to set high percentages or else characters will become virtually indestructible (though it might be fun to toy with the idea of ‘extreme value’ items, e.g. +50% endurance but -25% everything else).

Overall the attribute changes haven’t changed the characters that much, though the balancing act seems to have made the Cleric more physical oriented than intended (hmm… I might need to do some more tweaking).

Next: Playtest the above changes with a standard enemy + equipment.


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