Three Moons – Places of Interest




  • City (Castle model, lead to City)
  • Corrupt Forest (lead to Corrupt Forest)
  • Crypt (lead to Crypt)
  • Mountains (lead to Highlands)
  • Village

Random List

  • Altar of Darkness – blessing to Dominion aligned heroes
  • Altar of Elders – blessing to Dynasty aligned heroes
  • Altar of Kings – blessing to Kingdoms aligned heroes
  • Altar of Storms – blessing to Wildlands aligned heroes
  • Gold Mine – Enter Mine (chance of spawning random creep, spawn random item & gold)
  • Graveyard – Unearth Grave (chance of spawning undead creep, chance of spawning random item)
  • Mercenary Camp – hire unaligned units
  • Moon Well



  • Portal – Enter Portal (teleport to Outland)
  • Spirit Lodge – Accept Quest (begin random quest, can only have one quest active at a time)
  • Ziggurat – Enter Ziggurat (teleport to Ziggurat)

Random List

  • Beastiary – hire animal & beast units
  • Boneyard – spawn Frost Wyrm
  • Chimaera Roost – spawn Chimaera
  • Dragon Roost (black, blue, bronze, green, & red) – spawn Dragon of respective colour
  • Gryphon Aviary – spawn Gryphon Rider
  • Magic Vault – holds a random thing
  • Sacrificial Pit – sacrifice a non-Hero unit to get either: a banshee/shade, gold, or experience



  • Arcane Masonry – buy “tiny Stronghold” type items (only one per player)
  • Arcane Sanctum – hire magical units
  • Barracks – acquire bounties, hire City Guard units if player has the title of Baron
  • Black Market – buy/sell rare random items (City Guard will seek to “arrest” your hero if sighted interacting with Black Market)
  • Blacksmith – sells weapon/armour type items
  • Hunter’s Hall – hire Dynasty aligned units
  • Keep – home of the Baron
  • Jail – where arrested Heroes are teleported to, Bribe (chance of teleporting just outside jail)
  • Market – buy/sell random items + “pack mule” type units
  • Tavern – hire Kingdoms aligned units
  • Temple of the Damned – hire Dominion aligned units
  • Voodoo Lounge – hire Wildlands aligned units
  • Workshop – hire mechanical units

Corrupt Forest






  • Portal – Enter Portal (teleport to (Middle Realm))
  • The Black Citadel – Enter Citadel (teleport to final boss), Note: surrounded by poison that kills any unit that doesn’t hold a Key of Three Moons

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