The Spirit Child: Characters


Warning: Spoilers ahead


Player Party


AzuraThe central character of the story. She wakes up in Demetria’s tree at the beginning of the game with no memory of her past, not even her true name. Azura is the name given to her by Demetria.

She has dark skin, blue messy hair, dark purple eyes, & a glyph on her forehead. She wears grass rags that Demetria made for her.

When she finds herself in distress she will undergo a different persona. This persona is marked by her glyph turning red & her eyes turning gold with an animalistic stare & grin.

Totem, the Voodoo Doll

PuppetTotem is found in the caves underneath the Great Tree buried under rocks. He was created by a mage who, as far as he can tell, lost him in the forest. He got tossed around the forest by weather, wind, & curious creatures until he fell down a hole to where Azura finds him.

Totem can be described as a smartass. He’s unrestrained with his opinions & desires to make life as exciting as possible. He hates the idea of being treated like a doll

Totems role in combat is of a support caster. He cannot physically attack or move (he’s just a wooden doll after all) but can heal & increase party stats while inflicting curses on enemies.

Pounce the Goliath Dogeater

SpiderPounce is found locked in a makeshift prison cell in the abandoned mines portion of the forest caves. When Azura finds him he is low on health & feeling sick.

Pounce is the name given to him by Azura.


HuntressFaceDefaultFor most of the story she acts as an NPC until the last part of the story where she seeks to get Azure out of the forest.



ForestSpiritFaceDefaultA powerful spirit living in the forest. Demetria finds Azura unconscious & brings her to her home where she wakes up at the very beginning of the game. For the first part of the game she acts as a mentor & tests Azura to see if she is strong enough to survive in the forest. Afterwards she acts as a simple merchant, exchanging mana crystals for the few items she has found.

She has a “survival of the fittest” mentality but also cares about the well being of Azura. While she wishes for Azura to stay in the forest & become strong, she knows that the choice is up to Azura & she will not stop her from doing as she pleases.Earthspirit

The Hunters


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