Random Art: Space Highway + Dogs



Just sharing some rough sketches I made during the Christmas period. Apologies if these are hard to distinguish, I drew these during the drive to & from Te Anau so I had to deal with car motions. Cars aren’t the best environment for drawing:


To keep my mind occupied on long drives, I’ve imagined myself flying through an astral highway… yeah it’s weird.



Rough sketches of my parent’s dogs.


Cassie, Kenny, & Calder.

Farewell & Happy New Year

Back From Tauranga (with little time)


Hello, I’m back home after having spent much of the week in Tauranga on a business trip. I don’t want to spend too long on doing a post this weekend as my time-frame for sorting out next year’s flat & whatnot is shorter than expected. So I’m just going to rant a bit about the trip, what I liked & didn’t like.

I liked travelling. I liked seeing the clouds from above. I liked going to a new city I’d never been to before (even if it was surprisingly packed with people & had way too many roundabouts). I liked that the business forum took place at an aircraft museum. I liked staying in my own motel room. I even enjoyed waiting an hour alone in an airport for the next part of my flight.

I liked the trip, but not the business side. Every morning I had to be up & ready by 7am to be taken out for breakfast then onto work. The days would end with a social-work dinner type thing, which I kinda stayed mostly silent for. Aside from that, I sat in for one afternoon of the meeting/forum where the power station team leaders discussed business decisions back & forth (in my case about the system my team is working on). I was mostly there to show that my role was to make things easier on them, not to complicate things. Continue reading