Lessons From DMing


Hello, I wasn’t sure what to make my next post about until last night.

I had spent most of this week planning my next D&D practice session with my cousin, which didn’t go the way I thought it would. On top of that I got a gaming laptop yesterday (yes!) so I’ve been busy getting used to Windows 10, deleting bloatware, & hunting down all forms of privacy invasion I can. I guess you would call this a D&D session post mortem though there’s definitely lessons here to learn about game design in general.

The first session was more of a straightforward dungeon crawl, whilst last night’s session was simply about the player visiting a town for the night. With the first session I was using an existing adventure from a tabletop RPG whilst this was far more improvised. I did have a plan of how the session would go, but that was where I failed.

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A Series of Pretend Dreams


I just wanted to share this weird series of dreams I had today. I’ve been on a bit of a blog writing buzz lately (I have about 3 other draft posts right now) so expect to see a couple more posts soon.

Anyway, in this series of dreams I was roleplaying a dreamer. It sounds so weird, dreaming about pretending I’m in a dream with other “dreamers” doing the same. There was a sort of DnD vibe to it as it involved pretend combat (I think all we did was chase each other, pretending to cast spells O_o ). Continue reading