Random Top Down Shooter



First some random news, I got instant failed on my driving test earlier this week for driving through an amber light – but, I passed the second test today. Yay!

Back to topic. Not long after I got back from Te Anau, I decided to start a random project. I don’t have any formal plan other than this:

  • “Run-n-gun” top-down shooter.
  • Small & simple above everything else. Should be about a month’s worth of work.
  • Everything is cubes & can be killed in a single shot.
  • Player moves via keyboard & aims/shoots via mouse.
  • Enemies of two types: chargers & shooters. Kill player on contact.
    • Optional: coloured variants, e.g. fast, two lives, etc.
    • Optional: other enemy types, e.g. spawners, shielders, etc.
  • Very simple level generation.

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