Unity & Tiles/Procedural Generation


Hello, first another brief life update. I’ve been feeling sick, which has made my sleeping patterns worse. Also, at the time of this post, I’m still waiting to hear about my car being fixed. They have told me that another component went faulty & it will cost over $600 (fuck!).

I’ve tried to not let any of this stop me from trying to make some progress, which focused on my top-down shooter project this week. Since my current implementation of tiles is causing lag with only nine rooms generated, I’ve been looking online to see how people have tackled tilemaps in Unity.

I stumbled across a forum post that made me realize there’s bound to be some things on the Unity Asset Store relating to tiles & level generation that do things more efficiently. I had only ever gone to the Asset Store to download resources for tutorial projects; I never tried to find anything else. Turns out there’s several free tile/procedural generation packages available so I decided to check some of them out. Continue reading