Minor Post Change


Hello, at first I was going to lump this with a game project update, but I think its better to keep this separate (I think it’s a habit I need to stop doing).

I doubt anyone really cares about this but, I’m thinking of ditching my “post something every seven days” personal rule. The purpose of this rule was to get me to consistently work towards my aspirations & to help prevent me from becoming lethargic (which half worked?). It was especially what I needed when I became unemployed, where its easy to become apathetic.

Instead I’m opting for a “post something by the end of every weekend” rule. This is so I can better utilize my free time instead of cramming it all on Saturdays, which the “seven day” rule would currently force me to do.

I’ll see if I can do a proper project update tomorrow (I don’t like making updates where I have little to say), but otherwise consider this the first “weekend” post.