Personal Drives


I’ve been taking some time to consider the kind of thoughts & moods that guide me in my day to day actions. This is because I can’t help but notice how often I do things that aren’t what I truly want to do, yet I continue to do them. I know I’m not unique in being this way; it seems almost everyone I know does this to some degree.

After giving it some thought I realized there are about three broad drives that my wants stem from.

By the way, these are just drives I notice in myself. I can’t say that these are the things that drive most people, though I can see them being applied that way. I also imagine there are drives I haven’t accounted for in this post.

Let’s start with what I’ll call the Idealist – the side whose goals pertain to my long term & logical wants whilst holding to my own values. The side that wants to create things, find awesome like-minded people, achieve my ambitions, & ascend myself as far as I can. If I deny this my life lacks a sense of meaning & progress (it seems to be the easiest side to neglect unfortunately). Continue reading