February Life Update – Thinking Ahead


Hello, now for a proper update. I have a lot of points I want to make whilst wanting to keep this short-ish so, here’s the run-down:

  • Work has reached the point where the 40-hour time sink of boredom is affecting me outside of it, hence my last post/freak out. I remember how much my thoughts determine my own reality so I’ve taken steps to calm them down now. Can’t say I’m completely sane (never have been 😀 ) but my composure is better; I’m able to find time to write this after all. Good news is I’ve had my fixed term contract extended for another six months – yay?
  • I’ve been a bit peeved at how much time I spend just trying to write a post when I have plans for other things; I’m a slow writer. Part of it is my dubious time management skills, but also because my current flat is more distracting then the last. The connection in my room is problematic with something happening every five minutes. I’ve been doing blog writing & other internet things in the living room instead, where the TV & game consoles are; it’s rare for someone to not be playing it. I forgot how magnetizing a TV can be.
  • Been also feeling frustration again because I keep unconsciously setting aside personal projects in favour of virtually everything else I need to do. This reminds me of a fortune cookie message a flatmate found – “The choice lies between ideals or bread, dignity or survival.”

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Life Plan Ramble


I’ve found myself derailing lately, in the sense that I’ve been wanting to avoid job hunting, avoid working on projects, & just binge on games, anime, & Game of Thrones (I’ve already watched all four seasons but I figured I’d watch them all again because, fuck it, why not). Waking up in the afternoon for the past few days hasn’t helped either. I guess this is a sign I’m getting sick of things, again.

So, I decided to revisit a post I’ve had in draft form for a while now – my incomplete jumbled thoughts on a “life plan”. Frankly, I feel I’ve been avoiding this, but at the same time I’m not sure what else to say about it. It’s a very long ramble as it is so I might as well it post it anyway. I guess I’ll think on this later. Continue reading