Random Art: Nietzsche


Hello, more filler sketches.

A friend brought up an idea of doing a philosophical visual novel & he asked me to draw the main character Nietzsche. One buzzy night whilst doodling I complied.

The idea was to try a cartoonish or anime-style depiction of the philosopher. At first I tried to draw him from memory, resulting in what my friend called “Megaman Nietzsche”.  He then showed me a photo & I tried again.

Nietzsche 1

Bottom-left: “Megaman” Nietzsche. Top-right: Crude Nietzsche.

Sometimes you just got to laugh at your own work…

I tried again later in a sober state & did a better job. He also asked me to do a chibi version so…

Nietzsche 2

Left: Anime Nietzsche. Right: Chibi Nietzsche

I like to think Chibi Nietzsche has been gazing into the abyss too long.


A Jar of Piss


So um… something weird happened to me last night.

First some back-story. My cousin flats with me & pretty much every week he gets me to drive him to a public spring water tap in town. He does this so he can fill up his water container & avoid the fluoride contaminated water that runs from our own taps.

The night before last night, as we reach the tap, he says “I’ll bet you a jar of piss if you do a U-turn here.” The street is empty & I would have needed to do a U-turn to park directly outside the tap, so I do it. He then tells me, “I now owe you a jar of piss.” I laugh it off & forget about it. Continue reading