February Lucid Dreams + the Last Dream of Six


Okay, I’m going to dump several dreams onto your lap.

About a fortnight ago I had lucid dreamed twice in the same morning for the first time; I had the idea to write I post about it but never got around to it till recently. On Sunday, I decided to start this post because I’d just woken up feeling like I had six dreams that one morning. Lastly, yesterday morning I LD’d again & felt like writing about that one as well. Dreams seem to be going quite well for me right now.

So that’s what this post is going to be about. I’m going to summarize the two lucid dreams I had in the same morning + the LD I had yesterday morning, & then tell you about the last dream of the six I had on Sunday morning. Why this last non-lucid dream – well, I quite like this dream. There’s a couple of interesting things that happen, including an encounter with a dream character I feel I’ve met before. Continue reading