Dream Characters


It’s widely agreed that dream characters are just aspects of ourselves. If so, I wonder what my characters say about me?

I’ve often dreamed of people I know in waking life or of characters from existing media. In rare cases, the person I know is dead or even a clone of myself. But I wonder the most about characters I just seem to spontaneously invent. Some include:

  • Playing as an indigo ninja from Mortal Kombat with ghostly powers
  • A pair of mail-women that turn into banshees when I become lucid
  • A goth woman who threw me into a mirror portal
  • An eccentric old man with steam-punk attire
  • A tall weird dorky asian store assistant that transforms into a giant version of my, at the time, social studies teacher (I might write up the story at some point, it’s kinda crazy)
  • A flying whale capable of transporting a group of colour coded knights

Seems I have an interesting way of presenting aspects of myself (that or I might be a little insane 🙂 ). The main reason I bring this up is simply because I’ve had a couple more characters enter my dreams & I’d like to talk about them. Continue reading