March 2015


Hello, it’s been a while since I posted a life update. So, here we go:

  • Game Development = Should be pretty self evident if you follow this blog. I’d say it’s been good, though I seem to have suddenly slowed down.
  • Job Hunting = Pretty crap. My best result so far has been a 3 minute interview with Wendy’s Hamburgers. Most of the available jobs in Dunedin are geared towards managerial or experienced specialist roles, & most “student” jobs are “one-offs”. On top of that, given my history of work related dermatitis, I have to be more careful about what jobs I go for; I don’t want to get a job just to find my hands getting screwed again. I seem to have a lot of factors going against me in this department :P.
  • Lucid Dreaming = Pretty sweet. My LD count is at 21+, & I seem to be reaching a point where I’m LDing on a fortnightly basis (though, like with the game development, it seems to be slowing down as well).
  • General Health = I seem to be developing a cold at the moment, which has made my sleeping patterns even worse (as in a keep on finding I wake up closer to 3pm). Fortunately I only seem to get sick about once a year so this should only be a minor set back.
  • General Happiness = Pretty good but with a main caveat…

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