RM Hack’n Slash – Prototyping 1.0


Hello, I’ve finally started doing some playtesting. I’ve got a test project setup with the four PCs, an average enemy (Skeleton), & some pieces of equipment. I’ve just been focusing on the core essentials by running the ‘battle test’ feature, seeing how the PCs perform with & without equipment if all they did was attack every turn.

I decided to skip physical prototyping as:

  • I’m using an existing system. There’s little point replicating something that’s ready to use & quicker to setup.
  • There are too many numbers involved for doing the simplest things by hand. Its not that I don’t like math, its just that I’d need to calculate the results of each & every single action (base attack + weapon attack – base defence – armour defence, etc) for each & every single character for each & every single turn for each & every single playtest. It really slows things down & becomes very tedious when you’re trying to see what changing a single value will do.

Skeleton v0.1

As they are without any armour, all PCs are quite vulnerable (which is the way I’d like it to be), however armour isn’t working the way I thought it would. Continue reading