RPG Maker Hack’n Slash: Developing Concept – User Stories



User Stories

As a developer, I want…

  • To focus on the four classic fantasy classes (warrior, mage, thief, healer) to keep the design simple & familiar.

As a player, I want…

  • Combat to rely on tactics & learning about enemies (instead of leveling & grinding) so that combat remains tense & interesting throughout the game.
  • To face a variety of unique enemies in various combinations so combat isn’t predictable.
  • To be able to customize my character’s equipment to make the characters better suit my own play style.
  • To be able to save at any time, so I’m not forced to lose progress for making a mistake.
  • There to be lost items, secrets & minor optional missions so that exploring the town feels more rewarding.
  • To learn about the town I’m mercenaring in so I can be more immersed in the game world.
  • A safe zone where I can heal my characters & exchange items.

As a warrior, I want…

  • To deal good consistent damage to our enemies so we can defeat them easily.
  • To have good armour so that I can stay alive on the front lines.
  • To protect other members of the party so they stay alive.

As a mage, I want…

  • To use powerful spells so that I can turn the battle in our favour in a single action.
  • To enchant allies & enemies with various effects to keep combat under control.

As a thief, I want…

  • To perform sneak attacks to put our enemies at a disadvantage.
  • To steal items off of enemies to deprive them of something they could use against us.
  • To boost my agility to dodge enemy attacks.

As a healer, I want…

    • To heal & resurrect the other members so that we can continue the game.
    • To cure the other members of negative effects so we don’t have to stay penalized throughout the game.
    • To buff the other members so that they can perform their own roles better.