Lost Isles: PC



The player takes the role of an unknown wanderer. Other details about the character are free for the player to decide.

Starting Statistics

The player starts off weak but with a fighting chance. The items they have will be very important in how they start out.

  • Attack = 1
  • Health = 1
  • Toughness = 0
  • Evasion = 1
  • Speed = Normal
  • Initiative = 0, player controlled



  • Arrow Keys, WASD = movement
  • Space, S = Search
  • R = Rest
  • Esc, I = Menu & Inventory
  • Mouse Click = Unless on a GUI element, move in the direction of the mouse cursor

The player may also mouse click the buttons present on the GUI.

Combat & Menus

  • Arrow Keys, WASD = navigate buttons
  • Space, Mouse Click = Use highlighted button


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