Update + Possible Dream Series



I should be posting about the game I created over the course of three weeks in June, but that’s not what this is about. The game is working & complete-sh (to me its just a proof of concept demo, it doesn’t have everything I wanted to do), I just haven’t bothered to do anything with it since finishing last semester. Maybe I’ll post about this later.

Moon Child

Evidence of game.

I’ve just returned to polytechnic after a three week break of doing nothing… initially.

I can’t remember how this started but, over a week ago I emailed a dream to my flatmates. I kinda treated it as a creative writing exercise. They seemed to really like it so I sent them another one. Then another one. I think the first couple dreams I shared was added to a zine.

The same guy mentioned there might be an audience for this & I realized – I have about seven years worth of material, with more to come in the future. Maybe I could turn this into a series of some kind.

I’m not sure what exactly I plan to do with my dreams, only that it would at least involve creative writing. I would like to be creative with how I visually present these dreams; perhaps try different styles for different kinds of dreams. I’m tempted to turn it into a webcomic, but I’m not that confident in my ability to maintain it (well, not without a good reserve of prepared content). I have already made an animation from a dream, but this takes a lot of effort & I’d like this to be a near weekly thing. There’s potentially so much to this that this series would warrant its own site, though I’m not sure what the best platform would be.

Until I know what to do with them, I’ve just been compiling the dreams I’ve had into a spreadsheet. I’m currently halfway through about four & a half notebooks worth of dreams (that’s everything from October 2011 to November 2014). Here’s the statistics so far:

  • Recorded Dreams = 290
  • Lucid Dreams = 12 (not as many as I expected)
  • Multi-POV Dreams (where I change character &/or switch between 1st & 3rd person view) = 33

About 31% of these can be summed up in one or two sentences, for example:

I tell a friend to watch out for cat vomit whilst they sort through a large pile of Magic cards in the living room.

These kinds of dreams I could represent as a single image.

Another 27% are basically their own short stories. The remaining 42% centre around one key event or moment & are typically a paragraph or two long; a mini-story.

Its really interesting to see the recurring elements of them. Throughout most of them are people & (inaccurate) locations I know in waking life (I’d need to change some of the characters so their actual counterparts aren’t (as) recognizable; Samuel Jackson may be the exception though). There also seems to be a lot of video game elements (the odd dream literally is just “gameplay” of both real & made-up games). In 2011-2012, I encountered Family Guy characters fairly often & I would keep looking for Warhammer 40K related things. In 2014, when I worked my first job (& started this blog), most of my dreams were set at a supermarket &/or involved getting a new job.

Its strange how these dreams reflect my past life. I had forgotten that there was a week where I also wrote down my waking life in an effort to encourage recall. Its something I’ve now started doing again. To me this isn’t just material, these are records of my dreaming life (though I’d hesitate to call it autobiographical).

So this is what’s at the forefront of my mind recently.

If anyone is curious about this series, or could give suggestions on how to go about this, by all means leave a comment. I kinda want to make this communal in some way.


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