Design: Saharasha Part 2



I think I have my final design for the bird. I ended up basing it heavily on the Blue Jay. As the etymology behind the made-up name refers to a “young gazelle”, I wanted to integrate gazelle features into the bird as well. I even tried to combine hooves & talons, though I’m dubious the feet bear any resemblance to hooves.

Aside from drawing both views crooked, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. I had real trouble trying to not smudge the drawings (not sure if I should blame my left hand or the habit of writing left to right for this).

Saharasha 1

Front View

Saharasha 2

Top View

I want to leave the final designs unshaded for now as I’m thinking about digitally editing & colouring them. This is an area I’m still new to so I can only wonder how well this will go. I can also try my hand for a more immaterial “dreamy” look this way.

For now, just imagine this bird being predominantly camel brown with a white underside, cornflower blue highlights, midnight blue tail feathers, ghost white eyes, & onyx black horns, talons, & beak. Hopefully I can do that description justice.

Also, random bird trivia, bird ears are typically located behind the beak & jaw, covered by a tuft of fur to protect them from the wind. I learned this when I considered adding gazelle ears.

Design - Saharasha 3

Development 1


Development 2, & Final Design 1

Design - Saharasha 5

Final Design 2

After this I might try drawing something that isn’t a bird for a while.


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