Random Art: Yeti + Fanfic



Whilst watching a flatmate play Spelunky, I spontaneously decided to spend 5 minutes writing a mini fanfic about the yetis in the game, followed by a bit of fan art.

Fanart 2

Yeti (I have a scanner now, no more shadowy sketches!)

Actually, I’m not sure if I can regard this as ‘fan’ anything since I barely play the game. I can see the appeal of Spelunky & can see myself enjoying it, but it is a skill-based game & I haven’t felt much drive to get good at it (I rarely play side-scrollers). Besides, I already have my own games that serve a similar role (Diablo 1 for randomization & classic Doom for skill-based mastery) & I’ve seen so much of this game that there’s little to discover.

Doesn’t stop me from liking the yeti’s though.

I’ve been returning to the idea of doing fiction writing, going so far as installing Twine so I can create my own interactive fiction. As expected, my old writing problems resurfaced, thoughts like “how do I make this good/epic/high quality writing?”, “what is my plan for the plot/story/themes?”, “what are my characters like & how would they interact?”, “I’ve never been a competent/experienced fiction writer”, “is there much point in doing this?”, & more that just leave me paralyzed & retreating to Youtube.

A different flatmate suggested I try free associative writing just to get myself writing anything. Forget structure, grammar, or plot, just write literally anything that comes to mind. I must say its kinda worked. It’s made me care less about what I’m writing & has allowed me to find amusement in the writing process, seeing the random crap I belt out.

As an example of what this lead to, read below:

“Hey mate check it out”, Jeff points at a column of green light projecting from a metallic disk embedded in the frozen ground. “Woooo! Rave partay!” say all the yetis as they approach the disk. The yetis hop up on contact & begin jumping asynchronously. Larry lifts his arms to the cold air, his blank expression reads “I’m having so much fun.”

A corpse falls from above, landing a few metres away. One of the yetis moves off the hoppin field towards the corpse. “Anyone up for squash?” said Tim. Tim starts throwing the corpse at a wall, rebounding back to him. “Aw yeah”, all the yeti’s join in…

Except Larry. Larry remained & hopped away.

“Hey this man has some gold nuggets.” noted Jeff, chunks of gold projecting from the corpse. “Sweet” as Jon blankly ate a piece. “Wait, you should save some for Noobus.” said Tim. “Nah, e’s surrounded by nuggets. Food for days!”

Yeah, this is what happens when I don’t know how to occupy myself until study begins.


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