Random Art: Samurai Jack


Hello, I’ve been working towards a design for a ‘phoenix-like’ creature, though I’m going through the process slowly. Until then, I though I’d do something quick & drew fan art.


The samurai.

I know this is kinda late, given the final season ended months ago, but I still wanted to pay some homage to a show that I adored.

Samurai Jack introduced me to the idea of visual storytelling. I was amazed at what could be done with less then a dozen lines of dialogue & it became a style I loved. It was a show that used its premise & episodic nature to experiment & tell different kinds of stories (even if most of them could be generalized as ‘samurai slices robots’). I also just loved the variety of the world & the manner of the protagonist. I guess the show resonated with me as a quiet kid who loved doodling.

Having rewatched a few episodes from season 1 a few months ago, I admit it doesn’t hold the same sway it had on me (though that’s to be expected with age). Still, I can honestly say its one of my favorite western cartoons.

I’ll end with a mini-review of Season 5.

I have mixed feelings about the season. I liked how it started, even though I could guess the story arc from the first couple episodes. Visuals remained a strength with some striking moments & interesting environments. As the season went on my opinion veered more towards “eh” with the odd “huh… okay” moment. I was probably most disappointed that they apparently sidestepped a certain prediction made in a past season (then again season 5 was set about 50 years later; a lot can happen in that time). Otherwise I thought it was a ‘serviceable’, though underwhelming, final season (by the way, I’m probably one of the few who didn’t hate the ending).

Farewell & happy holidays.

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