Mini-Project 1 – Blog Header


Hello, you may have noticed my profile image is different. I felt it was appropriate to have my first mini-project be an update of this. I finally have something more current for my application portfolio!

Since the portfolio requires evidence of a process for a few items, I’ll touch on it a bit here.


Old Header Image

Blog Header Large

New Header Image


I think I created the old blue hat when I was still at Polytech (2012?). It was just a thing I made in two hours using Adobe Flash so I could have some kind of icon.

For the new header I decided to try using Inkscape for the first proper time. It’s not as intuitive to draw with as Flash but it does seem to have more features.


I wanted to do this “properly” & semi-treat it like I was working with a client (even if it was myself). I went through different stages of development: base concepts to development to final image. I did consider something other than a wizard’s hat (like a tower or a magic tome) but the hat has become a personal icon for me.

Given that my WordPress theme only really allows for 120 x 120 pixel images, I had to keep it fairly simple, though that didn’t stop me from expanding on it & making it more personal. The face is based on my own, though I didn’t want it to resemble me too much (it feels weird drawing your own face). The ‘hand on chin’ gesture is also something I actually do in real-life, so it felt apt to include it. The hand turned out better than I thought it would; it’s too easy to make hands look goofy.

I’m pretty happy with it, even if it somehow feels cheesier; feels like me 🙂 .

Next mini-project is going to be an encounter card design for a boardgame concept. The next few weeks are going to be busier for me so this will probably take me over a fortnight; may not have time for another before November 30th.


One thought on “Mini-Project 1 – Blog Header

  1. I like the new profile pic. I like even more all the effort you put into creating it. This type of effort produces great outcomes in life. Work hard, play hard and always pursue a balanced life!

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