Design! All or Nothing.


Yay, something not depressing!

To open up my job options, I have decided to study design! Given where my creative interests lie, & the kind of things I enjoy, it’s almost embarrassing that I didn’t pursue this earlier (though really I didn’t think returning to study was a viable option, particularly in something more artistic).

Next year I plan on returning to Polytechnic to at least do the first year of the Bachelor in Communication Design. Yesterday I talked with the administrator about this & she said I could instead do a ‘graduate diploma’ (I think) since I’m a Bachelor of IT graduate. This means I could skip to the final year if I so choose to. At this point I’m still unsure what to specialize in so doing the first year will at least give me an idea of where I want to go. It does help that I already did a design paper as part of my BIT.

However, I need to apply by November 30th to have a good chance of getting in, & I need to come up with a portfolio showcasing my current design abilities. I’ll also need to sort out my student loan. That gives me about six weeks to prove that I’m ready to do this.

They generally expect a portfolio with about ten different items, ideally in a wide variety of forms though I can have less. The good news is I can include work that I’ve done from the BIT a few years ago. So, using media I created in 2012-2013, I already have a head start with about eight items (including an old web portfolio I could re-purpose)!

I still need to show my work process for a few projects, & I can’t only use work from a few years ago. So, my plan is to do weekly mini-projects for the next four weeks, do as much as I can, then send them my application. I’ll strive to do a post about each project as I do them. It also gives me an excuse to actually do some things I’ve been meaning to do.

This is my to-do list of portfolio mini-projects so far:

  • A new profile image for this blog (I’ve already started doing concept drawings for this over the last few days).
  • A card design for a board game concept I’ve been mulling around.
  • A tileset for a game.
    • If I present this in GameMaker I may need to create a player sprite as well.
  • Character design & concept.
    • “The Ward”?

I’m actually excited. This has given me something to look forward to & feels like something I can actually do. The course apparently gets students involved in the design community (both locally & abroad), so if I commit myself to this it could lead to some good opportunities. The course even has students do some game projects, focusing on asset generation & maybe even story.

I really don’t know if things will go better this time, but given how my life has been going I’m taking this as my last chance to turn my life around; even if this does just result in more student debt & another three years gone (geez, I could be 28 when I finish…). If I miss out on Polytech then I’ll probably just go to University & major in Communication Studies or Film & Media Studies. Should studying either lead to nothing then I’ll concede to doing a trade.

I really want this to work out this time. All or nothing.

I’ll leave you with some of my previous work. Apparently WordPress doesn’t support SWFs so… here’s some other stuff:

A ten second post-it note animation.

Matrix Photo Collage

A Matrix photo collage

School of IT Banner

A banner for the School of IT.


The UI for a mobile health & safety reporting app.

A flicker of hope for a better future – sounds like a good birthday present. Expect more frequent posts for the next while.


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