Another Video + Update


Hello, got another video to share. This is a talk about the modern cultural role of games & how they could be done better. It voices many of the concerns I’ve been having about games today & made me realize who the audience of games may actually be (it also made me realize some games could be a sort of modern ‘drop-in centre’ for fringe elements of society). It is another 30 minute video (I like long videos) so set aside time if you want to watch it.

This also gives me the excuse to give a quick update (wow its been months since I did this):

  • I ended my Job Seeker support & am now living on a mix of savings & occasional contract work with my previous employer. I could write paragraphs about this, but the short answer is I need to remove a pressure on my life that I can live without in the short term (I have enough to survive for the rest of the year). I also need to get some career advise & heavily rethink what to do for a job since my Bachelor in IT hasn’t lead to much.
  • Much of my time has been put towards finding ways to improve my general happiness & reconnect with myself (which admittedly has been difficult). At first I was just trying to get myself to relax & do things for the fun of it, if only to make myself feel better. I’ve come to find my happiness generally stems from: avenues of unbridled self-expression, the company of good people, & doing something different (the more different the better).
  • I’ve been trying to organize my cloud of creative ideas into a plan of action. I’ve been considering creative avenues (video game development, modding, interactive writing, board games, art, etc) & trying to organize all of my ideas into ‘project pools’ (ideas that relate in some common way), then applying them to a rough multi-stream timeline. If I post about them in the future, take it as a good sign I’m getting my life back together.
  • I bought the GameMaker Humble Bundle with the intention of very slowly getting myself back into game development. It’s been very easy to use so far (I’m mildly surprised I haven’t finished the tutorial already). If the video wasn’t proof enough, I just can’t let the craft of games go.
  • I’ve been (very meekly) looking into communal groups. Found myself sitting in on some activist talks since at least one flatmate has been actively involved in them. The pamphlet in the repost I shared on sexual violence was cowritten by a couple of my flatmates. Also signed-up with the local Timebank but I haven’t heard from the coordinators yet. I’m still awful at involving myself in other peoples lives 😦 .
  • Actually had a reiki healing session this week just to try it out. I wouldn’t call myself a believer in mysticism (though I do find the topic very interesting) but I was surprised at how much he could infer about me from the session. Call it new age trickery, call it communion, or whatever; I did get a sense that some method was going on, which has spurred a curiosity in me. If nothing else, it was relaxing.


  • I’ve been gradually getting in contact with my biological father. I might end up seeing him at some point this year.

Anyway, this is just me saying I’m still alive. I don’t plan on posting more videos 😛 .


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