Hello, a blog post I’ve been working on is taking longer then I thought.

I’m onto my fourth draft now as I’ve probably become too obsessed with this personal topic. My thoughts about it keep evolving & my mood keeps shifting on a daily basis, which in turn feeds into what I’m writing. It’s difficult for me to reach a good genuine conclusion (which, given the topic, is very unsettling).

Anyway, I realized I had this 30 minute video saved that I intended on sharing some time after the above post. Since that’s going to take a while, here’s the video.

I love Thief: The Dark Project. It is one of my all time favourite games & this video does a good job of explaining why it deserves praise, even today. There’s a lot of good design advice to take from this game & video. It also makes some good criticisms of AAA video games today.

I may go play Thief 2: The Metal Age or check out The Dark Mod now.


2 thoughts on “

  1. My generation wasn’t brought up with these type of advanced technology games. I have mixed feelings on them. Their creativity and ability to help stimulate brain function is terrific. Their common theme of destroying “things” and “life” reinforces a message I feel may be harmful to those that take these games too literally.

    • Years ago I read an academic study on the psychological effects of violent games that suggests no negative correlation can be found (unless the person already has violent tendencies). I do agree though that violent games can desensitize people to violence. I too would like more games to try less violent forms of play, it’s just really unfortunate that “power fantasies” are so prominent in the mainstream videogame industry.

      I felt the urge to write more but I might instead put it towards a future post – thank you.

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