Cognitive Bias


Hi, I just thought I would share a diagram I found whilst procrastinating from a post I’ve been working on.


I had the idea to pick out what I believe to be “the most common” biases (which in of itself is probably a bias) & some of my own biases, but the list is very fucking long. I don’t want to spend too much (more) time sorting out & writing about biases, which will likely distract people further.

If a distraction is what you are looking for, here’s the list of biases along with the above diagram. At least this distraction will give you an idea of your own biases (unless you have a “bias blind spot”).

Try to remember that not all biases are bad. They mainly function as decision making shortcuts that minimize cognitive load.

The “we notice things already primed in memory or repeated often enough” area seems particularly relevant to me, given that I’m trying to write about life recurrences (again). I might refer to some of them in this post.

Thank you Wikipedia for distracting me yet again.


2 thoughts on “Cognitive Bias

  1. lmao

    My god, you’re still posting…

    I’m treading the same path. My sister found my wordpress and a bunch of stuff happened. I’m the guy who made transcending humanity blog. I’m so happy that we’re both still pushing ourselves. I got a job and am on my way to graduating university debt-free.

    I’m hopefully not going to reply or check wordpress again so this is my goodbye. I’m in the process of deleting my footprint on the internet. I need to leave everything on the internet and focus on creating businesses by programming.

    I have done this three times already. Beating procrastination is by far the hardest trial I have faced.

    Thank you for existing,
    Peace and love.

    • Hi, just encase you check back.
      Sorry to hear you’re going but it sounds like you’re trying for something better. To be fair I just had a period of time where I let things go & now I’m just trying to bring myself back. All we can do is keep trying right.

      Well done on getting a job whilst nearing the end of tertiary study. Hope things work out for you.

      Ganbatte – do your best.

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